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Pan Washer Pozi Head w/ Tapping Type B | Innovative Coating Screws: Combining Aesthetics with Corrosion Resistance

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Pan Washer Head Screw | Taiwan High Tensile Screws: The Backbone of Durability in Fastener Technology | Sen Chang

Located in Taiwan since 1968, Sen Chang Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a renowned manufacturer in the fasteners industry, especially in producing high-quality stainless steel wires and various screws like Pan Washer Head Screw, machine screws, tapping screws, and high tensile screws. Their commitment to quality is evident in their adherence to ISO9001 standards, ensuring each fastener meets rigorous quality control.

With a rich heritage in fastener manufacturing, Sen Chang specializes in both standard and custom-made solutions, catering to diverse industrial needs. Utilizing top-grade materials from renowned steelworks and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, Sen Chang produces fasteners with unparalleled tensile strength, setting industry benchmarks. Their rigorous adherence to ISO9001 standards ensures that each product meets the highest quality and durability criteria.

Sen Chang has been supplying customs high tensile strength screws and fasteners, both with advanced technology and 48 years of experience, Sen Chang ensures each customer's demands are met.

Pan Washer Head Screw


Process: Using multi blow headers to make the head, to thread, and then slot before passivation
All the items are inspected during the process and before shipping, complying with ISO Working Instruction
Inspection Tools: Calipers, Protrusion-height gage, Micrometer, 2.5D and 2D projector
Measurement Points: Head diameter, Head height, Pozi Slot depth, Pozi plug gauge, Thread length, Major diameter, Minor diameter, Thread angle, Pitch, Beam Tail diameter, Slotted Tail length


  • Pozi
  • Thread Type B
  • Beam Tail & Slotted Tail


  • Item Specification: 6G*1/2”
  • Item Material: 302HQ