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Located in Taiwan since 1968, Sen Chang Industrial Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing a diverse range of screws, nuts, and bolts, including stainless steel, wood, and coated screws. Our products, such as self-tapping, machine, and hex head screws, are not only versatile but also CE and ISO9001 certified. We offer materials like brass, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum to meet various industrial needs. Our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart in the fastener industry.

SEN CHANG, with over 45 years in the fastener industry, specializes in high-tensile strength stainless steel fasteners. Renowned for their diverse range of industrial screws, rivets, and custom hardware, they ensure top-quality through rigorous testing. Catering to specialized sectors, including baby care and thermometer manufacturing, SEN CHANG is the go-to source for durable, precision-engineered fastening solutions. Their commitment to innovation and quality makes them a trusted partner in the industry.

Sen Chang has been supplying custom stainless steel fasteners to customers, both with advanced technology and 48 years of experience, Sen Chang ensures each customer's demands are met.


Product Category

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  • Stainless Steel wire according to AISI and SUS standard - Strict inspection of raw material supplier, and using high quality of stainless steel wire rod.
    Stainless Steel wire according to AISI and SUS standard
    Wire Rod

    The raw material of stainless steel are Japan and Taiwan with excellent quality for regular head machine and multi-station. The wire can be soft or with mechanical property that customer requested for cold-forming process. Due to the characteristic of stainless-steel material is tough. The oxalated coating can help the material go into the tool easily and also extend the lifetime for tool and punch.

  • Machine Screws - Hex head, Hex washer head, countersunk, round head, pan head machine screws.
    Machine Screws

    Machine screws have tense threads and are steady, but between the threads, there is not too much space between the threads. So they are better used in prepared holes like nuts or machines, this is why these screws are called machine screws. If the screw size has an “M” in the beginning, then we can make sure that it is a machine screw.

  • Tapping Screws - Truss head, Hex Washer head, Countersunk Head, Round Head, Pan head tapping screws
    Tapping Screws
    Self Tapping Screw

    Tapping screws have sharper threads and more spaces between threads. Hence, they can cut threads that suit themselves. These screws are often use in fastening hard metals (such as wood . This is why they are called tapping screws.

  • Assembly Screws & SEMS Screws - Hex head SEMS screws, Pan Head SEMS screws, Binding head SEMS screws.
    Assembly Screws & SEMS Screws
    SEMS combines two normally seperate parts-typically a screw and a washer- into one permanently .

    SEMS combines two normally seperate parts-typically a screw and a washer- into one permanently pre-assembled cost saving component. Washers are hel in place under the screw head by the rolled threads; they will not fall off and are free to rotate.Assembly screws were specially designed for assembly and installation of cabinets or other types of box construction. These unique fasteners act like steel dowels to form strong, stiff butt joints. The screws feature a large shoulder under the head to lock the screw into the wood and prevent pulling through into softer materials.These screws can be removed and reinstalled several times without loss of holding power.

  • Coating Screws - Screw with special coatings
    Coating Screws
    Special Coating Screw

    There are many finishes or coating applied to fasteners; some of them can protect fasteners from corrosion, and some others are just for decorative uses.Any types of screws can be coated.

  • High Tensile Screws - Cheese head, Countersunk head, Hex washer head High-Tensile Screws, High Tensile Fasteners
    High Tensile Screws
    High Tensile

    Sen Chang provide high-tensile screws with following series. A2-70~A2-100 A4-70~A4-100To manufacture High-Tensile screws, harder steels and advanced technologies are needed. High-Tensile screws are not easy to produce and are our core products.Screws in this category are just a part of our high-tensile products. You can also find high-tensile products in other categories like Coating Screws.

  • Stainless Steel Washer - Flat Washers, Fender Washers, Cotter Pins, Hinge Pins, Cup Washers.
    Stainless Steel Washer

    A washer is a thin plate normally used with screws to help prevent loosening under vibration.A pin is used to secure the position of two parts at the same time. It can be removing from parts easily. The shape of pin could be different with different function.

  • Stud & Nuts & Thumb screw - Nails, Rivets, Wood Screws, PT Thread Screws, Studs, etc.
    Stud & Nuts & Thumb screw
    Special Screws, Nut, Rivet, Nail

    This category contains products that are not machine / tapping screws, bolts, washers and pins. If you don't find products you want in the website, please still contact us. We can manufacture products you want with design diagrams.

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