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Quality Control | Comprehensive Guide to Stainless Steel Fasteners: Screws, Wires, and More

Located in Taiwan since 1968, Sen Chang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel fasteners, including, wires, screws, and rivets. Specializing in high-tensile, machine, and tapping screws, we provide durable, quality-assured products compliant with ISO9001 standards, catering to global industrial demands.

With a foundation built on precision engineering and quality materials, the company caters to diverse industrial needs, ensuring durability and reliability in every product. Emphasizing innovation and strict quality control, Sen Chang is dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the highest standards of excellence, supporting industries worldwide with their fastening challenges.

Sen Chang has been supplying customs high-tensile screws, wires, and industrial fasteners, both with advanced technology and 48 years of experience, Sen Chang ensures each customer's demands are met.

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