Button Head Internal Hex Rec

Button Head Internal Hex PIN Rec w/ Machine Thread Plus Washer, Blue Nylok on the Thread / 45 years of experiences for production stainless steel fasteners.

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Button Head Internal Hex Rec | Screw Manufacturing for 50 Years | Sen Chang

Sen Chang Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1968, is a Button Head Internal Hex Rec | CE certified screw manufacturer based in Taiwan.

ISO 9001 certified self tapping screw production processes and stainless steel screws and bolts with meticulous quality control. Screws and bolts including Machine Screws, Tapping Screws, SEMS Screws, Coating Screws and High Tensile Screws.

Sen Chang has been supplying nuts and bolts to customers, both with advanced technology and 48 years of experience, Sen Chang ensures each customer's demands are met.

Button Head Internal Hex Rec


Process: Using multi blow header to make the head and then threading before passivation, then assembling the screw and washer. At last surface coating
All the items are inspected during the process and before shipping, complying with ISO Working Instruction
Inspection Tools: Calipers, Protrusion-height gage, Micrometer, 2.5D and 2D projector
Measurement Points: Head diameter, Head height, Hex depth, Hex plug gauge, Washer diameter, Washer height, Thread length, Major diameter, Minor diameter, Thread angle, Pitch, Ring gage GO /NO GO
Nylok Inspection
Nylok Coating Reports Offered


  • 18-8 SS
  • Button Head
  • Hex Rec pin
  • Machine Thread
  • SEMS Washer
  • Blue Nylok Coat(90°~180°)


  • Item Specification: M5-0.8*4.7-4.8
  • Item Material: 18-8 SS