Flat Head Phillips Recess w/ Machine Thread

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Flat Head Phillips Recess w/ Machine Thread | Stainless Steel Screws Manufacturers - Sen Chang

Based in Taiwan, Sen Chang Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the prime Flat Head Phillips Recess w/ Machine Thread | screws and bolts suppliers since 1968.

ISO9001 certified, high quality steel supplied, leading processing technology and meticulous quality control, Sen Chang ensures your product is high strength and high corrosion resistance. Whether it's stainless steel wire, screw, pin, washer, rivet or high tensile screws, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sen Chang has been manufacturing and supply well-made stainless steel fasteners, both with advanced technology and 48 years of experience, Sen Chang ensures customer's demands are met.

Flat Head Phillips Recess w/ Machine Thread


Process: Using multi blow headers to make the head then threading before passivation
All the items are inspected during the process and before shipping, complying with ISO Working Instruction
Inspection Tools: Calipers, Protrusion-height gage, Micrometer, 2.5D and 2D projector
Measurement Points: Head diameter, Head height, Phillips depth, Phillips plug gauge, Thread length, Major diameter, Minor diameter, Thread angle, Pitch, Point Diameter, Taper Length


  • Flat head & Undercut
  • Type F thread Cutting


  • Item Specification: #12-24*1/2”
  • Item Material: 410SS